pixel graphics for architects
Pixelgrafika építészenek presents pixel graphics specifically from an architectural perspective for those working / learning in the profession or in a similar field. I had the pleasure of designing the cover and layout for the book from ideation to execution.

Art Director / Cover Designer / Layout Designer / Illustrator /

Visual Design Solution
Due to the nature of the book, its textual and pictorial material form an integrated ensemble.
The first part of the book provides a theoretical insight into the world of pixel graphics, primarily through Adobe Photoshop® software. The second part seeks to cover the full spectrum of graphical tasks encountered in architectural practice. It illustrates each question with detailed examples over 200 pages, therefore anyone can easily utilize them.

The Symbol 
The core element of the graphic design is the cube-pixel pattern, evolving throughout the book from the cover to each color-coded chapter. It acts as a reference for architectural design

Photography credit
Gergő Fejes

wireframeing first page
Table of contents
chapter openenig pages
Subchapter opening

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