Gamified Orientation Cards / Brick Visual
Brick Visual is an internationally recognized, ever-expanding architectural visualization company. Custom playing cards were made for new colleagues to integrate them into the new work environment, making the first period easier for them. 

Illustrator / Editing

Create an asset to help newcomers fit easily in the community. 

Visual Design Solution
I created a deck of cards which is a playful set of tasks and adventures, carrying plenty of pop culture references. The tasks and missions help to get to know the office and its surroundings, colleagues and the hidden values ​​of the company. For example, there is a card prompting you to ask Brick's in-house composer to play a song on the office piano. Another one suggest best dining spots in the area. 
The cards also help to make professional tasks easier to learn - from time management programs to file structures. The sophistication of visuals and humor were key when creating the cards.

Photography credit
Jerome Andrieux

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