holiday edition
At the end of 2022, I had the pleasure of making the Brick Visual festive animation video.
I'm grateful for the opportunity to develop this project from concept to final delivery.

To achieve this I collaborated with the graphic designer and copywriter to execute an unusal idea. The narrative revolved around the company's symbol, the iconic little blue cube, representing the remarkable journey of the company over the past year, while incorporating holiday elements and inviting viewers to join in the holiday spirit.

After the hand-drawn storyboard was accepted, I started with some style explorations to make sure that the design meets all requirements such as, styling and composition and characteristics deconstruction - in a manner that would resonate effectively within the company. 
Then I created styleframes to visualize the atmosphere, depth and color palette for the animation.
Moreover I used a combination of 2D and Faux 2D animation with transitions and match cuts to bring the story to life. I also incorporated sound effects and the music was edited to build up gradually, matching the animation's tone and emphasizing the holiday spirit.

By leading this project, I enhanced my creative thinking, met tight deadlines with limited resources, and achieved over 11,000 views and making it a top video on Brick Visual's Instagram Page.

After Effects / Illustrator

Art Direction / Motion Design / Compositing

Brick Visual
Style exploration

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