Pulze Brand animation 
Pulze is a set of user-friendly, customizable and powerful pipeline tools that supercharge 3D visualization workflows. Designed by a group of passionate archviz experts and coders, the software family fills a gap in the industry by providing highly automated processes that increase the quality of your work in an efficient way.
I played a crucial role in creating the Branding Video that captures the playfullness and joy associated with Pulze's powerful 3D visualization tools. Working closely with a dedicated team of 3D artists and coders, I led the development of the animation that not only showcased the key features of Pulze products but also conveyed the brand's essence.
The central goal was to communicate the seamless experience while emphasizing the simplicity and benefits of Pulze tools. To achieve this, I combined direct messaging with abstract visuals, ensuring the video resonated effectively with our target audience. Essential to this process was grasping the concept of 'rendering,' which led me to incorporate a hero element – a ball – guiding viewers through the fundamental stages of still image and filmmaking processes.
This ball not only serves as a guide throughout the movie but also symbolizes a playful and elastic nature that characterizes all the products within the Pulze family.

Cinema 4D / Redshift / Davinci Resolve

Art Direction / 3D Animation / Editing

Brick Visual
By using a vibrant colour palette, we were able to achieve a refreshing and modern aesthetic for the video, giving it a fresh new look.

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